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This news page lists some of my activities and creative collaborations with others.


Take a look and contact me if you have any questions or if you want to participate in new projects.

Magazine for Yoga

For a Magazine for Yoga I made a creative contribution by showing the structure of a yoga asana (posture) in word and image. The Magazine for Yoga is a magazine with in-depth and scientific articles about yoga and yoga philosophy.


The quarterly Magazine for Yoga is for sale at a number of bookstores in the Netherlands and Belgium and online at 


*Fotography: Urusla van de Bunte

Mindful Bodywork Behind the scenes 

Behind the scenes and the realization of previously shown results.

I would like to take you to a short image impression.

The pure work from the photo shoot for the Magazine for Yoga. 

In co-operation photographer Ursula van de Bunte and M. Wind for the recording.



Video time: 57 seconds


Breath workshop 
at the Hanze University

    Mindful Bodywork at work!


For the motivated Minor students at Da Vinci at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen I provided a breath workshop. The students were introduced to conscious breathing and experienced the quick soothing effect of breath.


How a few simple breathing exercises and techniques provide insights into body and mind. And as a result, peace and balance is experienced in body and mind.


It was a pleasure to work with these serious, open-minded - and committed students.

*With students permission photos are published.

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