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This news page lists some of my activities and creative collaborations with others.


Take a look and contact me if you have any questions or if you want to participate in new projects.




We all do it

We all need it

There is more than enough

Mostly never think about it

No breathe no life

Still existence

Another area



Relaxing the brain

Nerves become calm

Breathe in to 4

Lock and hold until 7

Release in 8 counts

Minimal, repeat 3 minutes

Non-stop, 10 is better

Max Strom

Healing breathe



Teaching workshops

Sharing knowlegde

Sharing experiences



Got inspired from it

Followed inner knowledge

Took a paintbrush

Colors creating lines

A painting as a result

Surprising myself




Who can deal with it

Join me, love me, or leave me

Face it of leave it

I am who I am



Fresh new in

Out old and gone


Transform to new



Thank you air

Thank you body


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All rights reserved.

Mindful Bodywork

Elizabeth Hooijenga

18 October 2022

Magazine for Yoga

For a Magazine for Yoga I made a creative contribution by showing the structure of a yoga asana (posture) in word and image. The Magazine for Yoga is a magazine with in-depth and scientific articles about yoga and yoga philosophy.


The quarterly Magazine for Yoga is for sale at a number of bookstores in the Netherlands and Belgium and online at 


*Fotography: Urusla van de Bunte

Mindful Bodywork Behind the scenes 

Behind the scenes and the realization of previously shown results.

I would like to take you to a short image impression.

The pure work from the photo shoot for the Magazine for Yoga. 

In co-operation photographer Ursula van de Bunte and M. Wind for the recording.



Video time: 57 seconds


Breath workshop 
at the Hanze University

    Mindful Bodywork at work!


For the motivated Minor students at Da Vinci at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen I provided a breath workshop. The students were introduced to conscious breathing and experienced the quick soothing effect of breath.


How a few simple breathing exercises and techniques provide insights into body and mind. And as a result, peace and balance is experienced in body and mind.


It was a pleasure to work with these serious, open-minded - and committed students.

*With students permission photos are published.

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