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Customer experiences

Elizabeth's yoga classes have made me more aware of my body and breathing. My posture is now smoother, stronger and more stable and that feels good.

- Christa

I am mentally much more aware of my body and breathing and I like that these techniques and knowledge are shared during the class. It brings me a lot of relaxation.

- Mandy

Elizabeth's yoga classes are dynamic, intensive and challenging. She is able to challenge me to try new things. She does this with great enthusiasm and she gives me confidence where necessary. Elizabeth gives a clear explanation about how to do an exercise and also regularly tells “why” you do a certain exercise, eg about the chakras and thus gives depth to her lessons.

- Marjolein

Elizabeth is honest and clear. With her sobriety she encourages you to look in the mirror in a loving way. She dares to discuss the difficult by asking stimulating questions, so that you become aware of hindering patterns and thoughts. She helps you recognize these as an important step in personal growth. By communicating with her I regularly feel empowered again.

- Josefien

Elizabeth supervised a table constellation for me on a work-related question. Which I've been carrying around for a while. Through the right questions, reflections and the invitation to look at the situation from a different perspective, I saw the whole picture and also my own role. Elizabeth has a good sense of where the bottlenecks are and knows how to offer perspective in such a way that her customer can continue on her own. Her way of working brought me surprising insights that I can continue to work on. After the table constellation, a lot of things fell into place. I am enjoying my work again. I highly recommend Elizabeth if you have questions that you can't figure out.

- Joke

I had the opportunity to see how open-minded Elizabeth is, her capacity to interact with people in various social environments, international and intercultural. 

She has the ability to listen, analyze and understand complex situations that has a positive effect on someone’s behavior and self-confidence. She can propose advices and solutions, in a peaceful and persevering way. And she doesn’t give up her support to someone.

She is very committed to international development, especially when the focus is on youth and women. I am convinced that she can be an excellent employee within a team, as well as a team leader. Her natural leadership makes her a concerned coach,  where she brings individuals and groups to a higher level. Institutional collaboration suits her as well. When she is active in human relations and mediation her effort will be efficient for strengthening capacities.  

 - Sylvain Manager in Africa, Education projects’ ICRA  

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