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You sign up for a full series at a fixed time of the week and you are assured of a spot in the class. If you are unable to do so, there are two extra weeks to complete the series, a total of 12 weeks.


Participation in the lessons is at your own risk. Mindful bodywork is not liable for injuries or other injuries. If you have medical complaints, consult your doctor before starting the lessons.


If you do not make use of the right to participate in the lessons, there will be no refund of the purchased lessons.


In case of injuries, it is possible to catch up the missed lessons in a following course, if the injury lasts longer than 3 weeks and has been contacted about this from the first week.


Mindful bodywork is not liable for theft of personal belongings. Leave valuables at home as much as possible.


Lessons continue with a minimum of 2 participants  


It is possible for new members to join the current course. You then pay for the remaining lessons.


A second try-out lesson is seen as a separate lesson.


You sign up for a fixed time of the week and you are assured of a place in class. If you are unable to attend, it is possible to book a lesson at another time. Note:

- Catching up with a lesson is only possible within the course period.  


You are aware of the statement regarding personal data, as described on the Mindful bodywork website.


In addition, you can find yourself in the current measures regarding Corona.


After you have heard that there is room in the course, please transfer the course fee to IBAN  NL 32 KNAB 0410 6606 63 in the name of Mindful Bodywork, stating your name and the course.

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