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MINDFUL BODYWORK a combination of yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, dance, lifestyle and coaching is what MINDFUL BODYWORK offers.

All components can be combined and booked separately for both groups and individuals. ​


The result is personal growth and increased awareness of mind and body.

Taking responsibility for a healthy lifestyle in all areas of your life, brings inner peace, vitality, balance and relaxation. Physical and mental flexibility is then the new reality. ​


My classes are dynamic, down-to-earth, challenging and focused on balance, focus, stretch, strength and breath. Working from gentle strength with humor towards more body awareness. At the end of the lesson there is a short meditation. ​


In addition to the certificate 200 hours Hatha yoga teachers training, I am a certified dynamic Hatha yoga teacher, trained in three years by Ron van der Post. ​ ​




With Bodywork the attention is brought to all parts of the body. Various breathing techniques provide access to the wisdom and knowledge that is already within us. Conscious breathing in combination with, for example, dance supported by music or in silence brings balance and a good feeling in body and mind.




As a graduate professional coach (Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen) I guide people with questions about intercultural differences, lifestyle, vitality, health and work. The other I receive with everything there is. Sometimes the reflection can be confronting and at the same time it offers insight into, for example, patterns that have had its function or can be used in a different way.

Increasing awareness can lead to personal growth. My coaching offers perspective for new choices. As a supporting element, I also use my experience and knowledge about the Ayurveda natural healing method.

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