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Do you want to feel comfortable in your skin and do you long for a life where activity and relaxation are in BALANCE ?

Do you strive for INNER PEACE and do you also want to become mentally

and physically stronger?

Then MINDFUL BODYWORK is the place for you.

MINDFUL BODYWORK offers coaching, yoga and bodywork and in the area of personal development and lifestyle. The work is based on the underlying core values: of awareness, responsibility and growth. A combination of yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, dance, lifestyle and coaching is what MINDFUL BODYWORK offers.


All components can be combined and booked separately for both, groups and individuals.

The result is personal growth and increased awareness of mind and body. Taking responsibility for a healthy lifestyle in all areas of your life brings inner peace, vitality, balance and relaxation. Physical and mental flexibility is then your new reality.



MINDFUL BODYWORK offers coaching, yoga and bodywork, in the field of personal development, empowerment and lifestyle, based on the core values:  

awareness, responsibility and growth.



Awareness of both body and mind to assist you to make choices and take actions in accordance with your inner wisdom and lifegoals.

Self-awareness opens and strengthens

you to take responsibility for

your feelings, thoughts and actions.


A safe environment and

inspiring guidance will stimulate your growth and self empowerment.



I believe in human resilience. Whatever you have experienced or are experiencing, As long as there is hope and faith, I experience people as resilient.

The search for inner balance is a basedline value of my life. Personal development is important to me and it reached a low point when I experienced a burnout at the age of 36 years. I had to learn to trust my body again. I first came into contact with yoga at the gym. Yoga touched something in me that I didn't know before.

Elizabeth Hooijenga


Elizabeth in yoga houding
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