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Real Me time. What is it actually, and how do you spend your time when nothing is expected of you? How does it feel to be alone (for a while) with yourself, and you have no roles or functions to fulfill towards someone else? Me-time… who are you alone without a screen and Wi-Fi? Time for yourself is essential to recharge from previous efforts and experiences. During the meditationpart of a yoga class, silence and being alone can make you feel uncomfortable and restless. My experience with being in solitude in the beginning always takes time to get used to. Being outwardly focused on others, family, partner, colleague, friends, mail, telephone, etc. that demand attention are not there for a while. In individual seclusion you detox your mind and nerves. Slowly you break through the alertness of 'standing-by' or needing to do something. The ‘90s American music group De La Soul, sang it already, 'It's just me, myself and I' No matter how you get used to something, at the end it always comes back to you. That is why it is important that you are comfortable with your own company. Meditation and deep breathing are tools to become more accustomed to silence. Silence is always there and creates balance. Me-time is best organized by going to a different environment, at least away from your familiar environment, where there is space for yourself. To be in a different place in nature for a while, you create an opportunity to organize your thoughts and take a deep breath.

The photo shows flip-flops made in Africa, the soles of which are made from car tires. These flip-flops are hard wearing, and we've been on adventurous trips. Both flip-flops are in the sand now, a break and a step in place. Time for Me-time, relax and recharge myself for new adventures. Take a walk through nature, breathing from the belly, in and out through the nose. Breathe consciously from your belly for three minutes. Easy to do, you always have your breath with you. Enjoy the effect.

Elizabeth Hooijenga

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