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Be true, be you

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

“You need a motto too!” I was told. "Uh, that too? I thought we were almost done." I hadn't realized that there is so much involved in making a website. Details such as color, shade, shape, slightly different color for contrast etc., things I had never thought about before, demanded attention. Sometimes the hidden work that came to the surface overwhelmed me. Still, after a sprained ankle and Covid-19, I gathered the courage to think about a motto. An answer was not that easily found, and I soon realized that designing a website is a personal development process that takes time. A process in which I discover myself more and show and share what I think is important. Who knows, it might inspire others?

I examined my thoughts, automatic tendencies, and my values. What do I want to radiate and say, where do I stand for and which message do I want to share with the world? Big questions that sometimes paralyzed my creativity and tested my discernment. To organize my thoughts, it helped me to write them down. I wrote spontaneous ideas on post-it’s that I attached crisscross on the wall of my office. The idea had a place and was out of my head. The cliché was true; by directing the focus onto something else, space was created for what was desired and could come to me. For me, that was during a routine job, when unloading the washing machine. Suddenly there was my motto! Knowing for sure that this is right, no more doubts, don't sleep another night on it. This is it!


Be true, be you! It contains everything I stand for and for who I am now. It is such a big joy when the dots connect! Just like with the determination of the name of my company, Mindful Bodywork was suddenly there during a meditation. Be true, be you! My motto underlines, among other things, my value of honesty. Be real, be yourself. I wish that to everyone from the bottom of my heart. Be true, be you. Be authentic, be unique and share it with the world!

Be true, be you. Yes! This is it! I want to encourage people to do self-examination. To be able to distinguish between learned and own thoughts. Be true, be you, from that intention I published my website in August 2021.

Another step ahead.

And then it really starts… Be true, be you. Sharing my values ​​in words, and images had a direct effect on my environment. There were reactions to my publications from unexpected corners. And immediately gave me a chance to live my motto Be true, be you really.

How 'True' am I to myself, how well do I know myself, who is that 'myself'? Is it different from childhood, puberty, adolescence, working, dancing, traveling, and sad and happy times? Or is that 'Be you' always the same? Have I started to listen more and more as I unwrap the gifts that life had in store for me thus far? Who is this You?

Since the existence of my motto Be true, be you, it has been a clear guideline and check for my values. (Honesty, integrity, adventure and balance).

By being honest with myself and living the motto Be true, be you, I have discovered that I have developed a new way of listening. I feel my boundaries better and I indicate them. It must have an effect on existing relationships. Which then break because I am no longer the same as before.

If you start living Be true, be you, it can mean that friends and acquaintances disappear from your life. Or your working and living environment no longer feels good. Let me give a brief example from a few years ago when I was hired for a great job as a team coach for a big company. Finally, I could do what I wanted to do, I thought. Still, something didn't feel right. Maybe you recognize it, a strange gut feeling that clearly want to tell you that this is not the right place to be. Even though it is rationally the best option to accept the job, because it is such a nice position with a good salary and secondary benefits. For me, it is important to understand the emotional journey from belly to heart and head. To decide based on that journey is in line with my values, I trusted my gut feeling faithfully and refused the offer. Be true, be you... yes, that feels good. With the confidence in myself and life, I believe there is something better for me. I said no and at the same time Yes to myself.

Be true, be you… the research of yourself. Who are you really? Do you respect your boundaries, or do you make the other person more important out of fear of his or her opinion? Have you subconsciously become attached to self-invented certainties that prevent you from showing yourself who you really are? Do you have the courage to embark on the adventurous journey to yourself? Which patterns have you started living, and what concessions are you making? I don't believe in right or wrong. There is only one like you, with a unique package of qualities, talents, knowledge, and experiences. I wish you to live your essence by asking yourself the question am I -Be true, be you-, at this moment in my life?


Be true, be you as your navigator.

You can do a test every day for a month, and keep the motto

Be true, be you in mind, and listen to which answers are coming.

How: Write the motto on post-its, for example stick it on the bathroom door and kitchen cupboards, so that you repeatedly see this message consciously and unconsciously. Just like surreptitious advertising works. For sure, you will act to this motto.

Duration: 1 month or for life.

Measure: Use the SMART method to record your insights and actions.

(Specific, measurable, action, result, time)

Write down your thoughts. Add a -Be true, be you- action to it by, for example, setting a boundary or express yourself about your interests. I am curious what insights it will provide for you and what you will do with it.

Let me know in the comments section how Be true, be you works for you?

Email me if you would like to discuss this with me personally in a coach-call.

- Be true, be you -

© Copyright Elizabeth Hooijenga, Mindful Bodywork, June 14th 2022


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